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My Approach

I have what is called a collaborative,"Ecclectic" Therapeutic approach.  Ecclectic means that I pull techniques, philosophies, strategies, coping skills, and even ways of "being" with clients from many different types of therapies.  I feel that this approach allows me to be flexible with my clients in many different ways.  The more I learn about a client, the more precise I can be with which types of therapies I utilize.  For example, if a client is more "heady", or cognitive, they may appreciate a more cognitive approach, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), though this is not always the case.  If a client prefers CBT because they have difficulty accessing their emotions, a therapy such as EMDR may be more helpful. 


Every case is different and has many levels of complexity.   I view you, the client, as invaluable to the therapy process, which is why my approach is also called collaborative.   I consider both you as the client and myself as experts in our respective fields, and both of our input and commitment are required for therapy to be successful.   

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